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What is your ice-cream flavor on Valentine’s Day?

Heartbreak and ice cream have gone together since Bridget Jones famously declared, “I am enjoying a relationship with two men simultaneously. The first is called Ben, the other, Jerry. Number of current boyfriends: zero.” However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about eating your way through the possibility of being “forever alone.”

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Canned Soup is convenient but not always safe!

As a current college student this is very good to know, we usually go for the food that is most convenient (not time consuming and easy to make). -Aliyah, Neon Tommy

If you’re looking for a hearty meal to warm you up as the temperature drops this winter, you may want to put down that can of soup and back away slowly. 

Researchers at Harvard found that people who ate canned soups for five days in a row had 1,200 times as much of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in their bodies as those who ate fresh soups. 

BPA has been linked to a wide array of health issues such as reproductive abnormalities, cancer, diabetes and heart disease, and is used in the lining of canned foods. 


Too much food when other people are starving

I’ve long believed that chefs can radically reduce food waste by planning better, prepping less food, and donating leftovers, in that order. Other strategies, such as “tray-less dining,” help in “all you care to eat” settings, such as college dining halls. I recently decided to put my beliefs to the test. In doing so, I realized the limitations of my good intentions and how tough it can sometimes be to put ideas into practice.

I attended a chefs’ competition — a real one, without squadrons of makeup artists, predetermined “secret” ingredients, or unseen hours of washing and prepping ingredients — for Bon Appétit Management Company chefs. This semiannual Northern California Chefs Exchange started at 7 a.m. with a butchery demonstration, followed by a farmers’ market trip and then a tutorial on artisanal tofu making. By noon, the 32 chefs I accompanied on their morning journey were as hungry to compete with each other as they were to eat each others’ creations……

Food waste happens, especially when feeding a crowd. Fewer guests show up at events than expected, an inexperienced chef or host that genuinely wants to demonstrate generosity orders far too much food. But donating leftovers has its complications too, even with the best of intentions at play. Most agencies want familiar food, not “fancy food.” And like the rest of the population, they want meat. For those of us on the giving end, it’s important to experience our embarrassments — and get over them. Reducing food waste is critically important for humanitarian and environmental reasons, but donating prepared food has its challenges. Perhaps this means we need to work harder at not having so many leftovers in the first place.


McDonald’s Drops Egg Supplier After Video of Cruelty Surface

This always makes me sad- Aliyah, Neon Tommy

Chalk one up for the chickens. After animal activist group Mercy for Animals released videos of grievous mistreatment at Sparboe Farms in Iowa, Minnesota and Colorado, McDonald’s and Target dropped the egg supplier late last week, according to The Associated Press.

This is major news, since Sparboe isn’t exactly a tiny operation. The Minnesota-based company churns out 300 million eggs a year, and McDonald’s’ officials say the company is a “significant” supplier.


NEON TOMMY: Congress Calls Pizza a Vegetable

I love pizza but this is crazy, lets at least educate kids about the healthy choices not deceive them. -Aliyah, Neon Tommy   


Congress’ new spending bill would deny funding to healthier school lunches and effectively declare pizza a vegetable. 

The bill works against standards set earlier this year by the USDA; standards that would fill students’ plates with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and decrease their intake of sodium and saturated fat, reports CNN.  Under Congress’ new standards, two tablespoons of tomato paste would qualify as a serving of vegetables.

Two of the bill’s biggest supporters are the American Frozen Food Institute and the National Potato Council.  According to ABC, the two groups spent a combined $440,000 on lobbying efforts.  It’s no coincidence, then, that frozen pizza and French fries are two foods the bill is fighting to keep on the table. 

In a nation whose second leading cause of preventable death is obesity, the bill raises major health concerns.


Everyone Talks about eating healthy….so how do we do it?

Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein is the Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene in Maryland.Sally Sampson is a cookbook writer and editor of ChopChop magazine. Recently, Maryland andChopChop announced a collaboration publicizing fresh, monthly recipes for families to make together. Sharfstein asked Sampson to have a conversation about the initiative.

Sharfstein: Sally, thanks for coming over to our Governor’s house for the launch of ChopChop Maryland, a creative effort to promote family cooking and healthy eating in our state. Our state’s first lady, Katie O’Malley, was very pleased to launch this initiative. It’s one part of our state’s strategy to address childhood obesity. With about 12 percent of teenagers in our state obese, and only about a third of adults at a healthy weight, we’re in the market for new ideas. Your first recipe for Maryland Apple Crisp was very well received (at least by my children). We’ve had 50,000 hits to the website in just the first few weeks. We’re going to distribute 12 ChopChop recipes, one a month, over the next year. Why start with a dessert?

Sampson: The intent of ChopChop Maryland is to get families cooking. While we want them to cook all parts of a meal — soups, stews, entrees, side dishes, and salads — it’s most easy to initially draw kids in with dessert. If I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life, it would definitely be a crisp: It’s adaptable to every season (you can substitute almost any fruit for the apples), easy, inexpensive, uses readily available ingredients, fast, and, most important, delicious. People forget that you can make wonderful desserts that are not laden with sugar and fat. In fact, this one is so healthy, I’ve been known to eat it for breakfast.

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Pizza is a Vegetable?

Thought this was a little funny- Aliyah, Neon Tommy 

From comedian Mark Russell*

  • No dessert until you finish your tomato paste.
  • The push to limit pizza in school lunch programs has been derailed in Congress by members who classify tomato paste as a vegetable. Who says this is a do-nothing Congress?
  • Their true quote: “An eighth of a cup of tomato paste has the nutritional value of a half-cup of vegetables and when mixed with water for pizza sauce, more of a vegetable is created.”
  • Right. And when you add cheese, pepperoni and sausage — voila! — you have a healthy fruit salad.

* c/o Tribune Media Services, 2225 Kenmore Ave., Suite 114, Buffalo, NY 14207.

SOURCE: Food Politics