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NEON TOMMY: Congress Calls Pizza a Vegetable

I love pizza but this is crazy, lets at least educate kids about the healthy choices not deceive them. -Aliyah, Neon Tommy   


Congress’ new spending bill would deny funding to healthier school lunches and effectively declare pizza a vegetable. 

The bill works against standards set earlier this year by the USDA; standards that would fill students’ plates with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and decrease their intake of sodium and saturated fat, reports CNN.  Under Congress’ new standards, two tablespoons of tomato paste would qualify as a serving of vegetables.

Two of the bill’s biggest supporters are the American Frozen Food Institute and the National Potato Council.  According to ABC, the two groups spent a combined $440,000 on lobbying efforts.  It’s no coincidence, then, that frozen pizza and French fries are two foods the bill is fighting to keep on the table. 

In a nation whose second leading cause of preventable death is obesity, the bill raises major health concerns.


A Taste of Home on Capitol Hill I NY Times

"All member of Congress use their reception areas to show off their district’s best assets: there are flags, photo books, tchotchkes and oversize headwear emblazoned with the names of local teams. And in many offices, that local pride extends to food from the district, whether packaged snack foods produced by giant employers, potato chips unknown outside the region…"

In one Congressional office, a model of the U.S. Capitol is made from boxes of Peeps.

Congressional Snacking, State by State, interactive map